RIGHT wing and LEFT wing politics - A definitive discussion
To fully understand the terms "right wing" and "left wing" as used in political discussions (and
cussin's) one must understand the history of American politics and all the common synonyms
for these terms.  Generally, these terms refers to the Democratic and Republican parties, and
their seating arrangements in the United States Congress.  The Democratics sits on the Left
side of the Speaker's podium and the Republicans sit on the right side.  There are several
other smaller parties that follow either some of the democrat's philosophies or some of the
republican's philosophies, or a mix of both, or a philosophy that neither agrees with. However,
for their functional descriptions, read on.

The Democratic party was founded when 13 of the British colonies on the North American
continent severed their ties with England and formed their own unified democratic government
with a constitution that guaranteed democracy and protected the political, social, and
economic rights (civil rights) of it's citizens.  The Democratic party represents the gains of
democracy, freedom, and rights from the Revolution and seeks to constantly expand human
freedoms and protections.

The Republican party seeks to protect and restore the political culture from Europe as of the
beginning of the American revolution, and generally opposes any new freedoms, seeks to
reverse the freedoms and rights gained in the revolution, and devises ways to keep the
government from providing the protections guaranteed by the constitution, especially those of
an economic nature.  It might be said that the Republican party originated with the beginnings
of the Roman Empire that created the culture of Europe that existed before 1775.

The vast majority of the population of Europe in 1775 was slaves, known as 'serfs' or
'peasants' or 'commoners' or 'the servant class or race'.  These slaves were held in their servile
status through harshly imposed
poverty, ignorance, and terror.  These slaves worked for
the wealth of the 'upper class' (AKA 'master race') Aristocracy that constituted a totalitarian
dictatorship (one man rule).  "Government" was operated as a profit making business..


Positions on issues
Generally unfavorable, their concept of government being based on
the 'infallability' doctrine of religion where no such thing as choice,
options, rights, debate, diversity, compromise, or diplomacy has a
'right' to exist.

That all wealth should be allowed to accrue to the strongest,
smartest, and the most powerful with no protections for the weak
and unfortunate having any share of the wealth of the society.

That no rights exist except those expressly given by the
government or authority.

Government protections:
That the function of government is control, not protection, and
wherever civil rights clash with their 'infallability' doctrine, the
'civil right' has no right to exist. Economic rights should be a
function of an unfettered capitalist system with no protection
whatsoever for the economic fortunes of wage earners.  The labor
should not be allowed to organize for their own well being.
The right wing works constantly to repeal all of the protections
against tyranny that have been established by the government,
such things as the minimum wage laws, Social Security, Fair Labor
Standards, etc.  They also work constantly to deny the
government the means to provide these protections by depriving
the government of the tax monies that is necessary to pay for the
cost of these protections.  
They lie to the public constantly
about the purpose and results of these protections.

Enforced ignorance was once am important factor in the control of
human slavery.  The republicans realize that if slavery is to ever be
re-created and successful as a profit maker for their elite, they
must return to this enforced ignorance scam, so they oppose all
efforts to increase universal education and work constantly to
damage our free public educaiton system in every way possible.  
They also know that the more educated a person becomes the less
likely he is to support their "conservative' policies, so they see
education as a major danger to their philosophies.  They also know
that any promises they make for a better life under their policies
are outright lies, and it is very difficult to make educated people
believe them.

The republicans know well of the cost of maintaining democracy
and human freedom and so they constantly devise schemes and
conspiracies to deprive our government of the means to provide
the protections against tyranny that it was created to do.  To this
end they have created a 'living lie' that taxes are the government's
way to rob it's citizens.  Their goal is to kill all of the benefits
programs that provides a measure of prosperity to all of our
citizens, leaving them in dire economic straits where it might be
attractive to volunteer to work for food.  They especially oppose
all financial and economic aid to those already in poverty who
might most easily be persuaded that slavery was in their best
interest.  Their goal is to cause the demise of government benefits
programs by cutting off all the funds necessary to execute these
programs. If it was not for republican opposition, there would be
no need for 'charity' of any kind in our society.

The "trickle down" lie
Republicans want us to believe that the economic well being of the
public is a direct product of the well being of the very wealthy,
that no economic advances for the common man can occur until
after economic advances (huge profits) have been realized by the
wealthy, after which some small portion of that wealth will be
allowed to "trickle down" to the common man.  Their philosophy
denies the common man the right to share wealth or to participate
in the acquisition of profits that leads to wealth.

Republicans demands that every sexual encounter produce a fetus
and strives to force the government to guarantee the survival of
each fetus.  However, they demand that government guarantees of
survival end at birth, leaving the newborn 'person' to survive as
best as possible without any aid of any kind from any collective
self help organization, especially from the government.  Since the
huge majority of newborns become wage earners (those who toil to
produce the wealth of the wealthy) and whenever a surplus
supply of these laborers are produced, the cost of labor goes down
and profits go up. In the past, the poorest of these laborers have
tended to become slaves.
          THE LEFT WING


Positions on issues:
Full support for the right of mankind to choose his
representation in government and collectively choose the
laws and personal customs to be followed in everyday life..

That every man has a right to a fair share of the wealth of
the society, and his right to that share should be promoted
and protected.

That mankind has all rights except where restrictions are
imposed by the government (concensus of the electorate)  
in it's duty to protect it's citizens from one another and
from tyranny in general.

Government protections:
That government should take whatever measures are
necessary for protection of it's citizens political, social, and
economic rights, with emphasis places on 'economic'
because economic rights and justice is the hardest to protect
within the capitalist system.  The capitalist system must be
regulated for the economic protection of wage earners, and
the right of labor to organize for it's protection and well
being should be guaranteed.

The Democrats know that the way to a better and more
prosperous future is through better education.  They also
know about the enforced ignorance that was once used to
control slaves.  So they see universal education as a key to
keeping the human race free from tyranny and free from
slavery and they constantly seek better ways to provide
the highest education practical for all Americans.  That this
is true is obvious from the position of the USA in the world
today.  Our people have the best education in the world,
and we have become the richest and most powerful nation
in the world.  Education is a powerful defense against the
republicans schemes to re-create human slavery in our

Democratic government was devised as a defense, or
protection, against the tyrannies that were common in
European culture at the time of the American revolution.  
These protections are outlined in the American
Constitution, and in the laws and benefits programs that
have been enacted since the birth of our nation.  These
protections are many, and some are costly, so it is essential
that our government always have adequate means to pay
for these protections.  They are the building  blocks in our
wall against return to human slavery and totalitarian
tyranny, and the loss of any of them signals that the
opponents of our revolution are gaining the upper hand.

The "trickle down" lie
The truth is that the "trickle" of wealth is from the toils of
wage earners to the coffers of the wealthy.  
Wealth does
not "trickle down", it trickles
up from the sweat or toils
of the working man.  No man has ever gotten wealthy
without others working to create that wealth for him.

The extremly personal decision to bring another "person"
into existence should be the choice of the parent, not any
politial party or government.  However, when the new
person is born, democrat's philosophy demands that
government get invooved in guaranteeing the new person's
survival until their natural death.  Programs such as welfare,
unemployment compensation, disability pensions, workers
compensation, social security, medicare, and many others
are enacted for this purpose, preventing personal disasters
from such as starvation, death from inadequate medical care,
and slavery that could be forced on the truly downrodden
and unfortunate by greedy profit seekers.
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